Will the Stem Captain work on my bike?

The StemCAPtain is compatible with 1 1/8″ and 1″ threadless style headsets that utilize a stem cap.  The StemCAPtain base piece replaces the standard stem cap.  Your insert of choice can then be attached to the base.  The Original StemCAPtain is not compatible with quill style stems, but our BAR Mount Billet will mount to handlebars and some quill stems.

Is the Stem Captain difficult to install?

No, it couldn’t be easier.  Simply unscrew your existing stem cap and replace with the StemCAPtain base. Press your chosen functional insert into the base.  That’s all there is to it.  (Note:  this assumes that your current headset/stem is properly set up). Check out the video on our installation page.

What is the difference between the Standard and Enduro version?

The Enduro measures approximately 32 mm in diameter and the clock or thermometer insert attaches to the mounting base with a set screw. The Standard original StemCAPtain measures approximately 36 mm in diameter and the insert attaches with a sturdy press fit using a soft rubber gasket. Both attachment methods are secure and be used for all different riding styles. Some more aggressive riders prefer the Enduro for the added security of the set screw attachment. Due to the smaller diameter, the Enduro is also a better fit to some smaller stems. Also check out this great video from Cyclorise explaining the difference between the two.

How much does shipping cost and when can I expect my order to arrive?

To keep shipping costs low, StemCAPtain uses a flat rate shipping schedule through USPS. For shipments within the USA, cost is $2.95 and orders arrive in 2-5 business days. For shipments to Canada, cost is $6.95 and orders arrive in 4-8 business days. For shipping anywhere else in the world, cost is $8.95 and orders arrive in 5-10+ business days depending on location.

What is the role of the stem cap in a threadless style headset?

The stem cap has 2 roles: during set up and post set up.  During set up of a threadless style headset, the stem cap tensions the bearings by torqueing the stem cap bolt into a nut that is usually placed in the fork’s steer tube.  This takes the “slop” out of the headset system, and ensures proper function and wear of the bearings.  After the bearing preload is set by torquing the stem cap bolt, the stem is tightened on to the steer tube.  The stem’s connection to the fork is the structural connection that allows the bike to be steered.  After the stem bolts are tight, the stem cap is no longer required to tension the bearings – the stem is now locking things in place.  At this point, you could technically take the stem cap out.  Most prefer to leave it in as a dust cover and for looks.  The StemCAPtain accomplishes both of these, as well as adding useful function.

Will the StemCAPtain fall off of my bike on rough terrain?

The StemCAPtain has been rigorously tested under the most demanding riding conditions.  When properly installed, it will stay put as long as the rubber side of the bike hits the ground first.

Is the clock waterproof?

All of the functional inserts are fully weatherproof; meaning you will have no problem leaving the bike out in a storm or riding in wet conditions.  All of the parts are sealed to prevent water ingress.  However, the current design doesn’t support fully underwater riding.

Will the metal parts on my bike interfere with the operation of the compass?

Most threadless headset style stems are made out of aluminum, which is non-magnetic and will not interfere with the compass.  Some stem cap bolts can be made out of a magnetic type of stainless steel that can produce interference.  This can be easily tested by moving the bolt around the compass to see if the dial moves, or if you have a magnet, see if it will stick to it.  If so, replace it with a non-magnetic bolt (available at your local hardware store or on our website’s accessories page). The compass is NOT recommended for steel frame bikes, or bikes that have steel components near the stem.

How long will the clock last?

The battery will last for 1-2 years depending on conditions.  It is easily replaceable, and extra batteries can be readily purchased (if you can’t find them locally, they can be purchased on our website’s accessories page).  The clock itself will provide accurate time and impeccable style for many years. Our battery replacement video provides step by step instructions (we apologize for the low video quality, but it gets the point across! working on a new one).

How accurate is the thermometer?

The thermometer is accurate to about ±2⁰ F.  Under some conditions, such as intense direct sunlight, the reading can potentially be skewed a few degrees higher.  In the event that the thermometer needs to be re-calibrated, this can easily be achieved by removing the back cover and adjusting the dial.

Doesn’t the compass have to be level to the ground to work?

Nope. The new and improved spherical Compass 3.0 works at any angle.

I don’t want to put a picture in your picture frame model, will it hold anything else?

StemCAPtain encourages the creative use of the picture frame model to hold whatever small items the user envisions.  You can put your (insert your preference) in there.

Will I spill my beer when I try to open it using the stem cap bottle opener?

No. I mean it’s possible, but we have faith in you! Seriously we get asked this all the time. The bottle opener is meant to be used when the bike is laying on its side. Opening during riding or with the bike upright could lead to spillage and is not recommended!  

Please feel free to ask us any questions that we haven’t answered here – send us an email at [email protected]  We love to hear your feedback, suggestions, and comments. Ideas for new products are always welcome too!